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Jose Rios
2012 Summer Seminar CMS Tech Conference


This technology seminar is part of a broader curriculum unit I am developing as part of my fellowship with the Charlotte Teachers Institute. I originally envisioned the unit to be taught in an ESL Classroom to ESL students. In the late summer of this seminar I was granted the opportunity to be the Technology Facilitator at Eastway Middle School effective the 31st of August. I will complete the writing of the unit however the focus will be implementing the work on a wider scale. Facets of my unit and work toward "Reading Media Imagery to Incorporating Video Digital Media Production" will now influence Eastway Middle School's 3 Year Technology Plan.

Bookmark: to keep abreast of the latest developments and, more details, in my quest to meld the technologies outlined and more into the culture of technological integration at Eastway Middle School! I am thankful and very humbled by the opportunity.

Incorporating Digital Media Production with Common Core Standards
-Creating video presentations

Format: Lecture, LCD Presentation Internet, BYOT
Novice: Overview Only (only written questions accepted) 50 Minute session
Advanced: Overview, Computer Lab; Hands On (as time permits) 2 hour session

“The purpose of this seminar is to provide teachers with an overview of (video) digital media

tools to facilitate presentation within the common core standards framework. Participants will learn of the tools to create presentational video production through the basic functions of Photostory, Pixlr, Microsoft Power Point, Windows Movie Maker, aspects of Google Docs toward project development, Screenr and learn to render audio and video from the various formats of captured video through Super. Participants will also learn to navigate YouTube through the various enhancements, annotation and publishing levels afforded. Participants will learn aspects of digital media projection from template assignments to original creations using Project Based learning by scaffolding of work from preproduction to production and postproduction. Participants will also learn and discuss ethical and safety best practices involved with producing digital media with school-aged youth.”

Requirements: Producing Digital Media requires access to equipment and depending upon ownership, rights to install software on CMS equipment. The bulk of my own work in learning, applying my talents is on equipment and software I personally own, or with respect to software, have obtained necessary licensing. You are solely responsible for obtaining needed equipment and permissions, licensing and rights to install software.

Software and Equipment list as used (personally):
Multi Core Computer 64 bit 8 Gigabytes of Ram, 4 Gigabytes of VRAM for GPU
Multi Core Computer 64 bit 2 gigabytes of ram
Digital Camera
Analog Digital Converter
Sound Mixer(Y 1/4 inch to 3.5mm Cables, 3.5mm to 3.5mm male to male cables, ¼ inch to 3.5 female adapter,etc)
Lapel preamped Microphone
Google docs
MS Office, Power Point, etc
Mr. Captor
Windows Movie Maker
Visual Communicator
Adobe Creative Cloud

Statement on Equipment and Software: There are many different ways to produce content. You can and should start small and build capacity over time. My seminar will highlight software mostly available freely over the internet or on CMS computers. Commercially available software will be referenced and is personally used as available. Attendees will get an overview of the preproduction process from concept to assigning leadership roles, scriptwriting, editing and revising, creating slates and media artifacts to the production process of filming, and post production.

Goal: The overall goal of this seminar is to encourage teachers to incorporate (video) digital media production in their classrooms to encourage quality engagement with students. Teachers can reinvent themselves with the illustrious hats of Executive Producers, students become stars and assume other integral positions in the production process. Students express their learning in a powerful and meaningful way. Steps taken today toward digital learning will inspire and enthuse your students to be creative and self expressive. The framework of the Common Core Standards virtually begs teachers to integrate the “wow” factor in education. I am by far not an expert in digital media production, but I do have useful experience in the topics to be covered and a record of educational production. I actively work to increase the level of adoption of the technology and seek to share my knowledge with my fellow teachers. I hope to see you at my seminar.

Outline of Seminar:
Walk-through: View my equipment I use to create my video presentations. Green Screen, Scaffolding, lighting, sound equipment, Analog to Digital Converter, PC, Visual Communicator (teleprompter)
Introduction, basis; integrating digital media into teaching with the common core in mind
Preproduction process: Selecting your project; original versus template assignments. Preteaching vocabulary, note-taking during lessons, researching ,defining roles, collecting artifacts/assets (digital cameras, web capturing, Screenr, Mr. Captor, interviews, sound recordings, stock), storyboarding (digital media storyboard templates), scripting writing, editing and revising, slate preparation (Power Point, Google Docs).
Production: Video and Audio Recording, Greenscreening (Visual Communicator, Windows Movie Maker, Photostory etc), talent narration and presentation. Lights, camera and action!
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker, VisualCommunicator, PhotoStory, Rendering video into formats acceptable to software through Super. Permissions(release forms), considerations when publishing to youtube. Post publishing annotations as teacher feedback.
Enrichment: Looking beyond the classroom, production at school level (production teams), Adobe Creative Cloud, Livestream, creative fundraising.

- Portions of the seminar will be prerecorded to facilitate the use of time. Prerecorded content will be made available for future reference as needed, as possible.


Introduction to Incorporating Video Digital Media Production with the Common Core

Synopsis (Trailer)

Part 1 of 3; Running Time <6 Minutes
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Incorporating Video Digital Media Production with the Common Core:

The Production Process

Part 2 of 3; Running time <21 Minutes
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Incorporating Video Digital Media Production with the Common Core:

Leadership Roles

Part 3 of 3: running time <6 minutes
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Sample Productions

Bailey Thanks WCCB for 2012 Field Trip!

Promotional for the Khan Academy
(student presentation)

(teacher presentation)