Yea, I Have A Wiki… Now What?

Presented by Heather Hall Ramsey

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Technology Teacher/Facilitator at Mountain Island Elementary
Wednesday & Thursday Session 4 (1:00-1:50)
Room 177

If you are wondering how to “Wow” students with your wiki, you’ll be welcome at this session! Most of us use the wiki to post information about our classroom rules, schedules, homework assignments, etc., but don’t use them as they were intended. A good wiki should be interactive and have students wanting to visit it often. When used in this way, they are a great resource to keep families up-to-date about what children are learning at school.

This session is intended for classroom and technology lab teachers. We will discuss topics including:
  • Ways to use your wiki as an independent computer center during class for all students, no matter their learning level.
  • How to make your wiki a resources for families at home to see what students are learning in class.
  • Ideas for making your wiki more visually appealing (because lets face it, they aren’t the cutest sites on the internet).
  • Keeping your wiki up-to-date without spending hours or loosing all the work you put into it.
  • Making your wiki interactive and fun to use.

If you want to start using your wiki as it was intended and create a resource that can grow with you year after year, start your journey at this session.

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