Minecraft in the classroom

Advances in technology is helping to change the way we teach. What about video game technology? Can it help students learn?
Can Gaming Change Education?

Explore how it is used in classrooms
Are you ready to explore a virtual world with your students? Visit the sites below to learn more about Minecraft, a popular virtual world game that focuses on creativity and building using textured cubes in a 3D world. Places can walk across terrains of plains, mountains, caves and various water bodies. The world is divided into biomes ranging from deserts to snowfields.
Minecraft for Education

See how students in Pender County Schools are using Minecraft

Minecraft App for iPad

Limitations in CMS
The desktop version has been not tested on CMS network. More information to come.
Students cannot collaborate in the virtual world using the iPad app at schools with Cisco wireless: however can collaborate in schools with Nortel wireless.
There is more research to done on how the desktop version can be available in CMS as well as the iPad app. For now the LITE version shown above will work on the iPad as an independent activity for students to explore, create, and solve problems.

Classroom activities to help you get started (using the iPad app Minecraft Pocket Edition Lite)