Flirting with Edmodo

Flirting is an activity that we all have participated in at some point In our lives. Flirting comes In various forms: compliments, humor and kind gestures are all common flirting techniques. However good flirts are not judged on the flattery they use or the kindness they display. A good flirt is recognized by the response they solicit. Do they get the flirt back?

Teaching works in the same manner. Teachers interact (flirt) with students using all sorts of strategies (differentiation, multi-media resources, stations) with the goal of getting them to interact (flirt back). Edmodo is an excellent teaching (flirting) tool to get the students to engaged, involved and interacting. This session will expose you to some of the basic flirting capabilities of Edmodo including messaging, create quizzes and assignments, creating groups, organize your library and more.

Flirting Edmodo (Part II) - Getting the Second Date
Now that you have peaked the interest of your students by exposing them to the basic features of Edmodo, let's seal the second date by taking the students use of Edmodo to another level. Learn to maintain your students interests by exploring the advanced features of Edmodo such as managing Edmodo apps, attach items from google docs, create and award badges, managing groups and more.

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