Making the Most of Interactivity With Your SMART Board

Teresa Fletcher and Suzanne Blaszak

Create engaging lessons utilizing the many multimedia functions of the SMART board as well as Student Response Systems. Learn how to utilize interactive pages, add links and sound, and get immediate student feedback with the use of response systems.

During this session you will have the opportunity to explore:

  • adding a video clip from Discovery Education directly on a Notebook page

  • using color tricks, such as magic box, to create engaging lessons

  • incorporate interactive tools in your lessons

  • utilize pull tabs to hide answer keys to check student work

  • click to reveal strategies for interactive lessons

  • attaching a sound clip to an object

  • using SMART Response Instant questions during your lesson to check student understanding

Links to Practice Pages:

Using Reveals
Pull Tabs
Color Tricks
Insert a movie clip
Attaching Sound
SMART Response Instant Questions